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Completed Films:

While Away

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A father, a son, a broken relationship and a chance. “While Away” follows AJ (Merritt Vann) and his son, Michael (Matthew Merritt), when they meet for the first time in nine years. Their relationship has always been rocky, with their perceived differences always driving a wedge between them. Can they find a path forward or is it too late?

Harvest Season

Harvest Season is STREAMING on Amazon Prime!

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A husband (Merritt Vann) learns that his wife of more than three decades (Chantey Colet) has terminal cancer and questions if being so busy making a living all these years was worth it now that the future both Ed and Elsie had dreamed of is being ripped away by an incurable disease.

Bottled Up

A man tries to find comfort in a whiskey bottle when figures from his past emerge from the shadows to collect a debt that is long overdue.

Watch Bottled Up on Amazon Prime for free with your Prime Membership.


Bottled Up was created for the Carolina Film Community’s Made in the Carolina’s film competition and was required to include the line “You’re not the boss of me.”

Down in the Dark

A group of teens enters an abandoned hospital on Halloween night to see firsthand if the legends of monsters lurking in the shadows are true.

Six minutes of horror-comedy fun featuring monsters, bugs, and one huge frog! Down in the Dark was created for the 2018 Expecting Goodness Film Festival in Columbia, SC. The first two and last two lines of dialogue were provided and it was up to Kalsi and crew to figure out what happens in-between, within a 6-minute time limit.


A mother finds her middle school-age daughter in possession of a gun and turns to her estranged husband, a law enforcement officer, on how to proceed.

Triggered was produced as Daljit Kalsi’s entry into the Lander University Film Festival’s 2 week film contest open challenge. The film could not exceed 00:05:00 in length and had to include a line written by Paul Zbyszewski (Marvel’s Agents of Shield, Hawaii Five-O, Lost, Daybreak).


In 2012, a news crew was assigned to cover the story of a convicted murderer turned Internet evangelist, who reluctantly agreed to spend the night in the now defunct jail where he said he shed his demons and found his faith. The overnight stay was to be filmed as part of a web series chronicling the reformed killer’s ministry. All who entered the jail that night were never seen again. This video was discovered at the jail days later. It was recently made available to the public. The investigation is ongoing.

A 24-minute found-footage horror film, created as a contest between Kalsi and filmmaking friends Dan Fowler and Henry Moulder as to who could make the best short horror film before Halloween 2014.

Lord’s Work

Based on Kwame Dawes’ short story “My Lord,” Daljit Kalsi’s adaptation follows private detective Myron Lord as an investigation on the Carolina coast takes him into the path of a hurricane and something much more dangerous: a beautiful woman with a tale of woe and the power to bend Myron to her will.

Lord’s Work was a film created for the Expecting Goodness Film Festival in Spartanburg County, made based on a short story provided to Kalsi by the Spartanburg Writer’s Guild.

The behind-the-scenes story:



The lines between reality and sanity are pushed to new limits in this psychological thriller about monsters in the night from director Daljit Kalsi.

Part 1:

Part 2:

Starring Dan Fowler, Christina Landrum, and Bernard Reid. With Ray Merlock, Bob Morrell, Aaron Pate, Henry Moulder, and Clay Chapman in the supporting cast, Enemy was originally going to be produced as a submission for the Chiller Channel’s 2007 Halloween Short Film contest, but was shelved until the fall of 2010.

Shot in glorious SD 4×3, Enemy was Daljit Kalsi’s first film after college. It was published to YouTube way back in 2011, when the platform had an 11-minute time cap on videos, hence the reason it is split into two parts.