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D Kalsi Productions has produced a number of short and feature films that have been featured in festivals across the globe. Many of which are streaming on Amazon Prime and other platforms.

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A new feature-length drama expected to be released in early 2021.

Tom Kellerman has reached a point in his life where he believes he has lost all hope, but he ends up fining something unexpected when he adopts an old dog, named Ruby, that has also found herself hopeless and in need of a second chance.

As Tom’s connection with Ruby grows, he learns more about the dog’s former owner – a little girl name Louisa who is battling a life-threatening illness – and Tom finds himself making plans to help Louisa in the only way he can.

RESCUED (2021)

While Away

A father, a son, a broken relationship and a chance. “While Away” follows AJ (Merritt Vann) and his son, Michael (Matthew Merritt), when they meet for the first time in nine years. Their relationship has always been rocky, with their perceived differences always driving a wedge between them. Can they find a path forward or is it too late?

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An unflinching look inside the brutal world of human trafficking
Based on actual events, this thriller follows a young woman’s attempt to escape from a prison with no cells, where destinies are bought and sold. Desperate to escape the abuse, the forced drug use, and the internal torment, Anna is willing to risk her life for freedom, only to discover there at stake than she ever imagined.

  • Winner – Best Overall Film, Tryon Intl. Film Festival (2017)
  • Winner – Silver Award, Independent Shorts Awards, Los Angeles, CA (2018)
  • Nominee – Best Short, Independent Horror Movie Awards (2017)
  • Nominee – Best Editing, Independent Horror Movie Awards (2017)
  • Nominee – Best Cinematography, Independent Horror Movie Awards (2017)

Harvest Season

A love story set in life’s final season
Harvest Season follows Ed and Elsie Mason on the day the long-married couple receives the worst possible news: Elsie isn’t going to win her fight against cancer.

  • Winner – Audience Choice Award, Reedy Reels Film Festival
  • Winner – Best Musical Score, Peak City Film Festival
  • Winner – Best Director (Daljit Kalsi), Northeast Mountain Film Festival
  • Official Selection – North Carolina Film Awards
  • Nominee – Best Short, Top Indie Film Awards 2018
  • Nominee – Best Director, Top Indie Film Awards 2018
  • Nominee – Best Writing, Top Indie Film Awards 2018
  • Nominee – Best Music, Top Indie Film Awards 2018

Bottled Up

A bluesy, boozy ghost story
A man tries to find comfort in a whiskey bottle when figures from his past emerge from the shadows to collect a debt that is long overdue.

  • Winner – Silver Award, Spotlight Short Film Awards (2018)

Available on YouTube

Down in the Dark

A group of teens enters an abandoned hospital on Halloween night to see firsthand if the legends of monsters lurking in the shadows are true.

Winner – Filmmaker’s Award, 2nd Act Film Festival, Columbia, SC


A mother finds her middle-school-age daughter in possession of gun and turns to her estranged husband, a law enforcement officer, on how to proceed.

Winner – 3rd Place, Lander University Film Festival: 2 week challenge

Lords Work

Based on Kwame Dawes’ short story “My Lord,” Daljit Kalsi’s adaptation follows private detective Myron Lord as an investigation on the Carolina coast takes him into the path of a hurricane and something much more dangerous: a beautiful woman with a tale of woe and the power to bend Myron to her will.

Curtain Call

“Curtain Call” follows Emmett Tanner’s plummet from the top of the country music charts to the bowels of state prison after a series of unfortunate events at a concert after-party leave one person dead and Tanner facing a murder charge. Filmed and set entirely in South Carolina, the film follows Tanner’s journey from the backwoods to center stage, before heading off to the courthouse and prison.


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