Casting Call – New feature film from award-winning SC filmmaker

“Rescued” is an upcoming feature film from Daljit Kalsi and Merritt Vann. The film follows a middle-aged man, Tom, who adopts a dog in hopes of filling some of the void in his life wrought by a personal tragedy. After some growing pains, the dog becomes more than a companion, and a springboard for a new chapter in Tom’s life, ultimately setting him on a path toward what could be the best thing he has ever done, or the last thing he will ever do.


rescued cast list

Kalsi and Vann are currently casting a number of roles for the film. The open roles are listed below.

Interested parties should e-mail

ANNE (Open) – a free-spirited woman, late thirties to mid-40s, with an almost spiritual connection with dogs and an easy, but cautious way with people. She is genuinely nice but wary after her own lifetime of heartaches and heartbreaks. She has learned to enjoy temporary happiness while it lasts and to know that another chapter always waits ahead.

CANDACE (Open) – Louisa’s mother, mid-to-late 30s, who is doing her best to stay positive and keep her family together as long as she can, but doing so is becoming increasingly difficult due to her daughter’s declining health and her husband’s inability to maintain his sobriety through the ordeal. She is a boots-on-the-ground fighter, and since doctors tell her chromosomal differences prevent her from being a suitable organ donor for Louisa, she is losing her drive to fight. She’s desperate for any ray of light in her ever-darkening world.

NEWS ANCHOR – Male of female, late 30s and beyond, needed for one short scene, delivering broadcast-style report.

RECEPTIONIST (Open) – A young professional, likely in her late twenties but can be older, who is eager to help, but also wary of bending the rules.

NURSE (Open) – A woman in her 40s of 50s, motherly, and kind, but firm when she needs to be. She doesn’t like to see people suffer and does her best to lift their spirits as part of the care she provides.

DANA (Open) – She was the shining light in Tom’s life before her death. She appears here briefly, a dream or perhaps a vision from beyond, still supporting and encouraging her husband, like she always did in life.

ORDERLY (Open) – A silent, likely male character tasked with wheeling patients out of the hospital after they have been discharged.

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