Want to be a film producer? Don’t miss this opportunity

COLUMBIA, SC – If you want to see your name listed as an Associate Producer or Executive Producer in the credits of a film on a major streaming service and on the Internet Movie Database, then don’t miss this opportunity.

Award-winning filmmakers Daljit Kalsi and Merritt Vann are teaming up to create a new film, “Rescued.”


This feature-length drama will take audiences of an emotional journey and walking away with a smile.

However, the self-financed filmmakers need some help to ensure the best possible cast and crew can be assembled for the production, set to begin in July.

The filmmakers are in need of additional funds to properly compensate and care for the talent and team of professionals on set.

They need your help, and are offering producer credits for anyone willing to make specific donations.

Any donation amount is appreciated and will be used to better the film, but these are the specific amounts required to obtain a producer credit in the film’s closing credits and on IMDB.

$100 – Be listed as an associate producer

$200+ – Be listed as an executive producer.

$1,000+ – Full producer access, set access, creative input.

Producers will also be provided with a digital copy of the finished film and invitations to the official premiere.

Click here to become a producer.

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