Crew needed: Award-winning SC filmmaking team wants to introduce your skills to a global audience

COLUMBIA, SC – Award-winning South Carolina film-producing team Daljit Kalsi and Merritt Vann [multiple awards for Harvest Season (2018), BOUND (2017), Triggered (2018), and Bottled Up (2018)] are collaborating for a new feature film to be shot primarily in/around Columbia, SC in the summer and fall of 2019.

“We know the first question is – ‘how much are you paying,'” Kalsi said. “The answer is, not a lot, but we will make the best offer we can for highly-skilled professionals and artists.”

Kalsi and Vann do not have investors or make back-end guarantees. They provide compensation, but are limited in resources because they fund their own projects and film outside of their full-time work obligations.

“We need skilled and dedicated crew members who are willing to invest their talent, tools, and creativity to turn a $10,000 project* into one that looks like a million bucks,” said Kalsi, also the writer and director of the forthcoming project.

*($10,000 is not the actual budget)

“We need people who want to make something special,” Vann added. “We want to make a piece of art that touches people’s lives, but it’s a labor of love for us, and we want to work with like-minded individuals who value artistic collaboration and creation above all else.”

Kalsi and Vann said the goal is to get this film into the hands of a distributor and made available to audiences around the world.

Crew members will be needed for approximately ten, non-sequential shooting days, spread across multiple weekends in summer/fall 2019, dependent on talent/location availability.


  • Assistant Director
  • Cinematographer/Director of Photography (Your own 4K camera or have access to one)
  • Production Designer/ Set Decorator – (a highly organized artist or crafter who can work within tight deadlines and tight budgets.
  • Sound engineer
  • Assistant sound person
  • Assistant camera operators/techs (multiple positions)
  • Hair and make-up artist(s)
  • Production assistants (multiple positions)

Interested parties should e-mail and CC Use the subject line “film crew.”

Guaranteed credit, fuel/travel allowance, catered on-set meals offered in an appreciate, creative work environment.




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