BOUND, Daljit Kalsi’s upcoming human trafficking awareness film is fully cast

Greenville, SC—Casting is complete for Upstate filmmaker Daljit Kalsi’s human trafficking awareness film, BOUND, which is scheduled to begin filming in May. “I’m thrilled to get the chance to work with a group of talented actors and crew members from across South Carolina, North Carolina, and Georgia,” said Kalsi, the film’s director and producer. TheContinue reading “BOUND, Daljit Kalsi’s upcoming human trafficking awareness film is fully cast”

Curtain Call set to premiere in Greenville

Daljit Kalsi’s newest feature film CURTAIN CALL will premiere in Greenville, SC on Sept. 6, 2016.   Click here for information about the Curtain Call Greenville Premiere at Camelot Cinemas.

An early look at Curtain Call Here is an early, rough look at Daljit Kalsi’s upcoming feature film Curtain Call. This rough glimpse into the film is set to the Blue Pickups “Don’t Cry For Me,” an original song written and recorded for the film.

Redneck Whiskey

Check out The Blue Pickups debut single “Redneck Whiskey.” Formed in the heart of South Carolina and currently recording in Nashville, The Blue Pickups tapped Daljit Kalsi to shoot and direct the music video for their first hit song. The Blue Pickups and their music are also featured in Daljit Kalsi’s upcoming film Curtain Call.

Check out these films produced by Daljit Kalsi Productions in 2014.

“SINtenced.” A found-footage horror film that follows a TV news reporter and a group of filmmakers into an abandoned jail. “Lord’s Work.” An adaptation of Kwame Dawe’s short story My Lord produced for and screened during the 2014 Expecting Goodness film festival in Spartanburg, SC.