Mood and Melody: Neil Lee Griffin to score BOUND

GREENVILLE, SC – Upstate musician Neil Lee Griffin will give BOUND a dark and moody sound score to hammer home the imagery captured by cinematographer Collins White and the intense performances by the talented cast, led by Melissa Hanna of Columbia.

Neil Griffin
Neil Lee Griffin

Griffin, along with his wife Jessica, perform in the band Antler Hill and can be heard performing regularly at festivals and live events around the Carolinas.

“Neil is incredibly talented,” BOUND director Daljit Kalsi Jr. states. “Neil can create dark rhythms and ambient sequences needed to really complete the mood and feel of our film.”

BOUND, a short film based on a real human trafficking case, will offer an intense and alarming look inside that world, told through the eyes of a young victim.

Kalsi said the score will be a crucial element in the film.

“The musical score does more than complements the images and the performances,” the director said. “The score, in many cases, makes that final connection needed between the viewer and the material. Music deeply impacts us, and I’m confident Neal’s compositions will be compelling, suspenseful, and elicit every tear, every held breath, and every tense moment in the film.

Click here to read more about  Neil Lee Griffin and Antler Hill.

Click here to support BOUND on Kickstarter. The filmmakers have until April 15 at 8 a.m. to reach their crowdfunding goal.

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